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The following represents customer feedback posted on We showcase these reviews here, including positive ones that might get filtered from our Yelp rating within 48 hours.

Yelp asserts that its recommendation algorithm is impartial, as explained in their updated video. [Complete Video Found Here] The video states, “…Yelp’s recommendation software automatically evaluates all reviews, seeking those most useful and reliable from active users. These are recommended reviews. Most reviews fall into this category. Our philosophy is ‘quality over quantity,’ which is why others are not recommended. These might be from users we know too little about or could be unhelpful rants… Reviews not recommended can still be seen via a link at the bottom of each business’s profile but don’t impact the overall Yelp star rating or review count…”

While Yelp has improved the language in recent videos, there are still aspects to consider. Yelp doesn’t explicitly disclose its automated review filtering system; users discover it only by clicking “71 reviews that are not recommended.” Yelp then presents the video before revealing the filtered reviews. Goldrush Getaways boasts 167 recommended reviews. As of August 2023, we’ve received only 3 negative reviews this year, all 1-star ratings from individuals reacting to a promotional mailer. Most negative reviews stem from those who received marketing material without contacting our company.

Yelp leaves these 1-star reviews, often from non-customers, on their site for years but filters numerous 5-star reviews from our actual members. They penalize companies requesting reviews from customers, so we refrain from soliciting reviews. We acknowledge Yelp’s filtering system without assuming malintent. Still, it’s crucial to recognize that Yelp recommends reviews Goldrush Getaways can prove contain false information, and they suggest reviews without verifying claims made by the reviewer.

Legally, Yelp can allow someone to make false claims against our company. Yelp won’t remove a review solely based on false claims, citing their neutrality. As a small business, our only recourse is to respond to the review, visible to the public. Yelp seems to prioritize a review from over 9 years ago, from a person who received a marketing mailer but never visited our business, over a review from one of our long-time members. We urge you to keep this information in mind, welcoming both positive and negative feedback as opportunities to learn and improve our product and service. Thank you.

Kimberly L.

San Francisco, CA

A special Thank You to Beatriz, Travel Advisor. I appreciate you, and helping me set up my first cruise as a travel advisor. You have always been there to help and answer my questions. You are great at your job and a real team player. The Celebrity Summit cruise was outstanding.

Michael S.

Porter Ranch, CA

As a member of Goldrush Getaways for approximately ten years, I can absolutely say that they are there for you! We have booked family and friends vacations without issues and have received commissions as a result. They are not there to do your work for you (and booking travel does require work) but if you have any questions or issues they are ther to assist. Tracy Bettencourt is a delight to talk with and is very knowledgeable regarding travel issues.

Jim K.

Granite Bay, CA

I have been a member of Goldrush Getaways for about five years and I have nothing but good things to say about the company. We are heavy travelers an have saved significant amount of dollars and gained a lot of information because of our relationship with Goldrush Getaways. If you are a heavy traveler and you are a little of the hands on type you should consider becoming a member.