Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam

It’s almost as if there is a Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam. It’s one of the most commonly searched term in regards to Goldrush. The scam is not by, but against Gold rush. There are lots of reviews regarding this company; some good and some not. One thing you’ll notice for sure is people who have used Gold Rush are happy and people who wanted a free gift and never intended to purchase a vacation package are not always happy. Why?

Read what Warran G. from Yelp had to say about his topic: (This is a real filtered review on Yelp)

“The above 1 star ratings are obviously from people who tried scamming the company by showing up to a presentation, either as a non us citizen, non-married or not in a committed relationship, without a major credit card, below the required age allowed to attend presentation, or didn’t stay through entire presentation which is required to leave with quoted free vacation!! The above critics of the company are obviously ego centric people who didn’t get away with trying to scam their way into receiving the complimentary vacation and gifts but were instead turned away because they didn’t meet qualifications CLEARLY stated in email invite received by all participants.  Logically a true scam could never survive for 16 years without being shut down by the feds… Seriously people, don’t believe every negative thing you read on here as its obviously coming from people projecting what they are trying to do to a legitimate and successful company which is scam for something they don’t qualify for.”

Country Club Theory related to the Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam

Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam

Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam

Have you heard of the country club theory? It goes like this: An exclusive country club had one space to fill; one lucky couple could join this club and only one. The country club began to accept applications and administer interviews.

The first interviewee was asked one question by the club; “How was your previous club”? They answered that is was awful. “People were stiff, food was cold, atmosphere was unhospitable, lodge was rundown, etc.” The club administering the interview said, “We’re sorry, that’s exactly the type of experience you’re going to have at our club,” and they dismissed the couple.

The second couple to receive the interview arrived and the club again asked them the same question. “How was your previous club?” The second couple answered saying, “it was wonderful! The people were our best friends; the dining hall was like our second home, the service wonderful, the food perfect, etc. We hated to leave, but had to only because we moved to a different state to be closer to family.” The club then answered, “That’s exactly the type of experience you’re going to have here.”

The second interviewees were accepted into the club. Why the different answer from the club administering the interview? It’s all about perception. The perception one takes into a situation often is the determining factor in the outcome and experience.

When considering a traveling opportunity consider honestly and earnestly. Goldrush Getaways Yelp Scam is not a scam at all, but a perception.

If negative reviews are from those who only attended to receive a prize and never intended to use a vacation tool which offers a way to travel and earn commission then those reviews are not actually related to Gold rush at all, but are directly related to the presentation. The presentation of the product and the product are different. Those who use the product love it as the evidence in the Goldrush GetawaysYelp Reviews suggest.

The scam is those who say they are rating gold rush as a company when in fact they are actually rating the presentation and not what the presentation is referring to.

Hopefully Warran G’s Yelp Review will ring home to those searching for a wonderful opportunity to vacation in a remarkable way!

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