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Want to know what people are really saying about Goldrush Getaways? Then read real testimonials from real people who are in the program. The old saying about not asking a Ford about a Chevy applies here. Why ask people who are not in the program how good the program is.

Are you looking to know what the presentation is like or are you looking to know what the gold rush program is like?

Want to know what Goldrush is really about? Then listen to people IN the program. Don’t listen to the people outside the program who have never been involved. Review sites such as Yelp have both good and negative reviews. Good reviews from customers involved and negative reviews from those who only attended the program with no intent to buy; customers who only wanted a prize.

Notice the trend of Goldrush Getaways Testimonials. People who showed up trying to get a free gift only are not always happy. Goldrush gets its prizes from places such as Princess Cruises who, when you call to claim, try to upgrade you. Is Goldrush trying to upgrade you or is the company giving the prize? Give the review to the proper person.

Goldrush promises to give a prize for attending whether you purchase or not. That’s what they do. The prize may naturally have a few steps to claim. Some people will not try to claim the prize or find the few steps too difficult and not do it. Other people will not want to pay the tax for the free gift. Neither is the fault of Gold Rush Getaways.

The customers who go into the presentation genuinely interested in purchasing a traveling package will love the service and leave happy. Those who do not have this honest intention may not. Real Goldrush Getaway Testimonials and reviews are, and should be, from those enrolled into the program. Listen to the real people who really use the service. Join the ranks for those who use the service and travel the world with Goldrush!

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