About Goldrush Getaways

About Goldrush Getaways Carnival

About Goldrush Getaways Carnival

We are a family owned, multi-million dollar Host Travel agency that has been serving customers for 20 years. Our main office is in Citrus Heights California which is the Sacramento area of Northern California. We also have offices in Ontario California and San Jose California.

Our professional and experienced staff of full-time travel agents specializes in old-fashioned quality customer service with some help from modern technology and are available toll-free to help you with your travel needs.

There is a market niche for customer service in the travel industry that is not filled by the internet travel agencies. We know this because we hear it all the time from our customers. We also know that vacations are an important part of a balanced lifestyle. So important in fact, it is reported that:

  • Vacations can make you feel happier – 76% of yearly vacationers report feeling “happy” or “extremely happy” compared to just 43% of non-vacationers.
  • Vacations can make you feel energized – 72% of yearly vacationers report feeling “energized and full of life all the time” compared to just 34% of those who never take a vacation.
  • Vacations can make you feel better about your job – 71% of yearly vacationers report feeling “satisfied to very satisfied with

    About Goldrush Getaways Globus Family of Brands

    About Goldrush Getaways Globus Family of Brands

    their job” compared to just 46% on non-vacationers.

  • Vacations can make you feel healthier – 56% of yearly vacationers describe their health as “very good” or “excellent” compared to 28% of non-vacationers.
  • Vacations can make you feel more romantic – 80% of people who vacation yearly report that “romance is alive in their relationship” compared to 56% who never take a vacation!

So often we are overly focused on our jobs, spend hours engaged in our children’s and grandchildren’s sports and activities. We work out and eat right, striving to be fit and feel young. Everything is good, no worries, right? Are you sure? There may be one key component missing…a nice relaxing vacation!

You can be confident you are in good hands with Goldrush Getaways when trusting us to book your vacation. We are dedicated to offering “Customer Service Excellence” to each and every one of our customers. Our superior customer service has allowed to be presented with numerous travel industry awards.

Goldrush Getaways is affiliated with all major travel vendors and suppliers. We pride ourselves on being able to book any and all of your travel destinations as well as the most intricate travel adventure that you can dream up.


Goldrush Getaways initiates, builds and sustains a mutually rewarding relationship with Independent Member/Travel Agents. We accomplish this by providing members with an exclusive gateway to all forms of real travel values. We employ professional and experienced in-house agents who are committed to providing Member/Agents with excellent service and assistance in an innovative, informative, and friendly environment.

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