Goldrush Getaways Review

This is a real Goldrush Getaways Review:  I have to say that when my wife Betty and I engaged in a relationship with Goldrush Getaways, we were a little leery and concerned. It was our first time indulging in the travel industry. Much to our surprise and pleasure, it has been one of the most fruitful, fun and beneficial decisions of our life!!!! We are on our third All Inclusive Vacation to Mexico! Our first was to the now “Jade Resort” which we thought was very awesome until we stayed at the Secrets Huánuco, (totally the bomb!) and now this weekend on the 22nd of March, the Secrets Silver Sands! All for half of what the general public & publish fares are paying!

The gem of the Citrus Heights Office I must say is Tracy! Tracy (next to my wife who knows I love her!!!) you are the epitome of customer service to all independent agents! Working with you is like drinking ice cold beer in a desert! Cool, refreshing, and satisfying! Just what the doctor ordered!!! Tracey absolutely delivers! I must say, I’ve spent a lot of time working out small issues with Tracy and she’s my gal! She makes that place rock on! She is forever in my grace! A bottle of great Tequila for her on my return!!!

Truthfully, all the staff is great from Christina to Tracy, and everyone in between! They totally get it! Great Goldrush Getaways Review..

Long story short, you can’t please everyone!!! There will always be people who gripe and make a mound out of an mole hill, stretch and embellish the truth on a trivial common human mistake (which all of us make) but if your well adjusted and appreciate great customer service, great traveling for less opportunities, and making great side cash money, Goldrush Getaways is it!!!

My wife and I are small business owners of 11 years, owning a Salon ~N~ Spa and Insurance Agency and we understand customer service and love to travel! We have never been happier than when we joined Goldrush Getaways Review! We actually took an all-inclusive trip to Huánuco Mexico for $450.00 each! All-inclusive means the round trip airfare, 7 days at a 5 star resort, all foods, drinks (yes alcohol), snacks, etc. are in included in the price; all this while staying in an ocean view room resort with impeccable service. All this was included for an unbelievable $450.00 per person for my wife and me because we qualified as Master Agents for one of the premier resorts for Goldrush Getaways Review. You can’t go to Los Angeles for $450.00 bucks!

Puka M. ~ Galt, CA

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